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Promo Electric Adjustable Bed

We have a promotion on a quick turnaround for an electric adjustable divan bed including mattress. You can pick from a soft pocket, medium pocket and a firm foam mattress. There are 3 colour options to choose from for your base; beige, grey and brown. Optional end drawer and headboard. It has a 16 stone Limit and a 1 year guarantee.

Electric adjustable beds allow independent adjustment of your back, shoulders, neck, calves and feet. This means the right amount of support and comfort for watching TV, reading, writing, breakfasting or just relaxing. The ability to adjust sleeping position is also recognised as a benefit to people who have to spend long periods of time in bed, such as those who suffer from back or joint problems, circulatory problems or for people with physical disabilities

Prices From: £1,749.00 £874.00 £699.00

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