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Scafell Sealy Ortho Mattress

A medium firm mattress that combines the premium support of Sealy’s exclusive PostureTech spring system with the body moulding comfort synonymous with memory foam, the Scafell mattress offers unparalleled levels of comfort, redefining previous expectations of a good night’s rest. An innovative variation of the traditional open-coil unit, Sealy’s exclusive PostureTech spring technology is designed to provide tailored support and pressure relief by evenly distributing body weight across the mattress, in turn promoting good posture and preventing aches and pains. Moreover, in addition to the PostureTech spring technology, the Scafell mattress incorporates a powerpack system within the mattress’s centre to ensure optimal lumbar support, which prevents the spine and hip from sinking into the mattress. MemorySense® Foam With the inclusion of Edge Guard support, exclusive to Sealy, around the perimeters of the mattress, a durable mattress that provides edge-to-edge support and reduces the risk of sag is ensured. One sided mattress, rotate regular. Height of the mattress is 25cm Sizes available 3'0 single, 4'6 double, 5'0 kingsize, 6'0 superking and zip and link option. Can be bought with a sealy divan.

Sealy- Buckingham Mattress

The Buckingham provides a wonderfully sumptuous feel night after night. PostureTech springs are engineered to offer consistent deep-down support. 1400 Mini Pocket Springs provide added comfort. EdgeGuard provides edge to edge support and durability. Gel-infused comfort with added breathability. Complete with a Plush Top layer for sumptuous comfort.

Sealy ‘Blake’ Mattress / Divan

Not too firm, not too soft, the Blake offers a medium feel that is a real crowd pleaser. AlignSupport® is our patented spring system where neither comfort or support are compromised. It’s unique geometry senses your body as it meets the mattress, providing the initial response. Followed by deep down support that sits at the very heart of the coil to evenly distribute your body’s weight. It’s twice tempered too, providing dependable performance, year after year. UniCased® encompasses the entire edge, meaning that you benefit from a larger usable sleep surface, and removing any “rolling off” feeling. It also prevents lateral movement across your mattress throughout its entire lifetime. When you build something truly special, it’s important to have a solid foundation. That’s how we like to think of our BasePlank technology. Unifying and trustworthy, BasePlank sits below the spring unit, providing structure from corner to corner, whilst offering breathability through the multiple air channels. At Sealy, we go beyond comfortable... we’ve crafted true comfort. What’s that? It’s a refined comfort, an “I didn’t know until now”, type comfort, and a feeling that’s intrinsically... well Posturepedic. The ComfortCore™ is placed in the centre third of the mattress, positioned in the perfect spot for targeting your hips and lower back, providing that all-important pressure relief. Teamed up with a combination of Sealy Medium and Firm foams, the mattress offers a sumptuous, cocooning feel as you drift off to sleep in the morning, night or whenever you like to take a snooze. *This is an instore item, exclusive to retail stores only. This mattress can be tried in our large showroom*

Sealy Emin Mattress / Divan

The Emin Firm is the firmest mattress in the Elevate collection, a feel that is unique to Sealy Posturepedic. Featuring our patented AlignSupport® springs, cleverly developed to provide genuine support that lasts. AlignSupport® is a two stage spring that starts by sensing your shape as you find your comfortable sleeping position. It then provides you with deep down, consistent support that is personal to you. Also, you can sleep soundly knowing that the spring unit is twice tempered, proven to be twice as resilient and built to last day in, day out and throughout its lifetime. Encompassing the spring unit with interlocking keys is our UniCased® edge support. The keys have been precisely engineered to intertwine with the springs, securing everything in place and providing greater stability. Designed by our team of experts, UniCased® allows you to benefit from a larger usable sleep surface, removing the “rolling off” feeling as you snooze and offering dependable durability you can trust. UniCased® is not just durable, but dependable to keep you supported year after year. Underpinning the entire mattress, BasePlank is an inspired, unifying foundation that provides structure from corner to corner. Plus, the multiple air channels allow the mattress to breathe and circulate air with ease. The foam ComfortCore™ is positioned in the centre third of the mattress, designed to target your hips and lower back to offer tailored pressure relief. Combined with a double layer of extra firm foam, the Emin Firm mattress is perfect for those who prefer a firmer, robust feel. *This is an instore item, exclusive to retail stores only. This mattress can be tried in our large showroom*

Showing all 4 results