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Sealy Latex Support Mattress -0

Sealy Latex Support Mattress

The Sealy Latex Support contains a deep layer of Innergetic latex ensuring outstanding comfort and pressure relief, and correctly supports and aligns the spine in its natural shape, helping to reduce aches and pains.Hypoallergenic, anti bacterial and anti dust mite mattress, making it perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers. The mattresses Eco-friendly Tencel fibers help keep you cool and dry and Sealy Edge Guard provides edge to edge support for greater durability and comfort. Come in store and try it!

2 - Medium

Sealy Madison Gel Mattress -0

Sealy Madison Gel Mattress

Combining all-new, state-of-the-art Posturepedic technology, the renowned, motion-responsive pocket springs of the Posturepedic Premium Madison provides revolutionary comfort and support. Featuring a 1,000 pocket spring system and contains 4cm of Sealy's Geltex filling. An innovative combination of extremely elastic gel and air permeable, infused foam that offers triple benefits of pressure relief, body support and breathability. Unlike memory foam or latex, Geltex has an open cell structure that allows air to circulate more easily to prevent overheating. Maintaining a cool temperature will improve your sleep quality, it is also more supportive than traditional memory foam. The mattress has a unique pillow top design, meaning you have both support and comfort. Come in store to try this revolutionary mattress!

3 - Medium/Firm

Sealy Napoli 1400 Pocket Mattress -0

Sealy Napoli 1400 Pocket Mattress

The Sealy Napoli 1400 is a no-turn mattress that combines pocket springs with foam, latex and natural fibres in an effort to provide good all-round support for people of all shapes and sizes.1400 Individual pocket springs, Sealys own Posturepedic medium firm tension spring unit. Offers extra support in the central third. Latex layer to cushion pressure points. Moulds like memory foam but without the heat. No need to turn. Foam encapsulated, handles and vents. Sealy smart fibres to keep you cool and dry.
Sealy Ortho Posturepaedic Mattress -0

Sealy Ortho Posturepaedic Mattress

Firm, orthopaedic and incredibly comfortable, the Millionaire Orthopaedic features Sealy's PostureTech Core Support spring system. The springs have been designed to be super-firm, with the additional benefit of making the mattress suitable for people of heavier stature.Covering the springs are thick, comfy layers of upholstery padding, and a gorgeous damask cover. It's expertly hand tufted to firmly secure all the fillings into place, for enhanced support and durability. Come in store to try it!

4 - Firm

Sealy Wool Support Mattress -0

Sealy Wool Support Mattress

The Sealy Wool posturpaedic mattress offers excellent support and comfort. Thanks to the wonderful Sealy Posturetech spring system, this Sealy mattress boasts excellent support and great durability. The combination of the springs and fillings is very good too, the springs and wool support the body perfectly, promotion healthy posture and therefore preventing aches and pains forming in the night. 5 year warranty, 1 sided mattress. Come in store to have a try!

3 - Medium/Firm

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