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HG Clifton 1000 Natural

Handcrafted in the UK, the Clifton features blissfully comfortable layers of wool, cashmere, silk and cotton. A highly breathable natural fabric cover to keep you cool during the summer and warmer during cold winter nights. Nestled underneath is 1000 pocket springs. Individually encased,each spring works to provide support where you need it the most. Because each spring works independantly, there's no roll together. It's a mattress that feels as good as it looks! The plush fillings are traditionally tufted . Dual sided mattress for added longevity. This item is only available for retail stores and can be seen in our showroom in Somerset.

2 - Medium

HG Claremont Ortho 2000 Natural

Expertly handcrafted in the UK this mattress is perfect if you love high levels of firm, orthopaedic support. Featuring 2000 pocket springs, you’ll enjoy support that’s just right for you. Since each spring works independently, this mattress supports your body where you need it the most. There's no transfer of movement so you can sleep peacefully. Nestled on top of this supportive pocket sprung base are layers of natural wool, cashmere and fine cotton. Naturally breathable, these comfort fillings provide the perfect sleeping surface for a truly blissful night’s sleep. This mattress is exclusive to retail stores only and can be seen/tried in our showroom in Somerset.

4 - Firm


Moresleep Rimini Orthopaedic Divan

The Rimini is one of our best selling mattress for the price. Featuring a luxury high loft micro quilted stretch cover, with excellent moisture management as well as an Eco-friendly Tencel® cover made from natural raw materials and designed as ‘irritation free’ against sensitive skin. Upholstery layers include premium foam for added comfort and performance. Dual sided mattress for longevity.

3 - Medium/Firm

Prices From: £739.00 £574.00 £459.00
Sale! Valencia Orthopaedic Mattress -0

Valencia Orthopaedic Mattress

This mattress offers excellent value for money. Traditional dual sided, tufted mattress with a quality damask cover. Featuring a heavy gauge Bonnell spring system and is side re-enforced to prevent edge breakdown, and widen the total sleeping area. Anti allergy and hypo allergenic, air vents to help the mattress to breathe. Medium to firm support. Available in 2'6, 3'0, 4'0, 4'6, 5'0 and 6'0.
Prices From: £499.00 £249.00 £199.00
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Garda Open Coil Mattress

The Garda is a great choice for children or a spare room mattress. Featuring generous upholstery layers combined with a Bonnell fully sprung mattress to ensure medium firm surface comfort and proper underlying support. The spring unit is side reinforced to prevent edge breakdown as well as widen the total sleeping area; and you can sleep both sides to extend mattress life and performance.
Prices From: £374.00 £187.00 £149.00


Top quality lovely mat

Verona Mattress

The Verona mattress is exceptional value for money, with generous layers of upholstery, combined with a bonnell spring system; To ensure a softer surface with proper underlying support. Dual sided mattress to extend the mattress life.

Zonagel 2,000 Pocket Mattress

Zonagel is an innovative gel infused system with targeted comfort zones of varied firmness, ergonomically designed to offer the right level of support for different areas of your body. It incorporates Highgrove's advanced Equasleep technology to regulate surface temperature, providing restful sleep all year round. Unique micro-tencel fibres help to maintain the optimum body temperature for the best nights sleep possible. Full edge encapsulation with Highgrove's 'AdvantEdge' to give you full side support. The scientifically designed pressure relieving Zonagel  has unique cooling properties that also help to improve moisture dispersion. Featuring 2,000 individually wrapped pocket springs, that work independently with your body. Medium-firm feel with a firm, under body support.

3 - Medium/Firm


Genoa Mattress

Featuring a high quality knitted soft stretch fabric cover with thermo-cool. Micro-quilted mattress upholstery includes a firm comfort layer to provide additional support for the sleeper. Bonnell fully sprung mattress is side re-enforced to prevent edge breakdown and widen the total sleeping area. Suitable for a wide range of bed frames and divan bases. Dual sided mattress, meaning you can sleep on both sides.
Prices From: £449.00 £224.00 £179.00

Highgrove’s Albany 1,500 Pocket and Memory Mattress

Highgrove’s advanced Equasleep combines Memory technology with unique fabric fibers to regulate surface temperature and promote a healthier night’s sleep.

One of the leading benefits of memory foam is its ability to prevent pressure points. Open-celled memory foam does not resist body weight, rather it compresses, conforming to the sleeper and distributing weight across the surface of the bed.

A memory foam mattress allows the sleeper’s body to assume a natural, neutral curvature and maintains lumbar support. The dense cellular structure of memory foam is naturally inhospitable to microbes and prevents the build-up of allergens like dust, dust mites and mold. Fully encapsulated with AdvantEdge technology to provide a wider sleep surface with total comfort and support.

10 year warranty mattress.

2 - Medium

Highgrove Halston 1,000 Soft Pocket Mattress -0

Highgrove Halston 1,000 Soft Pocket Mattress

Luxurious hand-tufted mattress with a breathable stretch fabric cover to maximise surface comfort with Highgrove's hi-tech ErgoSense®, which adapts to body pressure providing instant comfort and a feeling of soft and gentle weightlessness. Boasting 1,000 Individually encased pocket springs to ensure ergonomically designed support and correct spinal alignment. 5 Year Warranty. Come in store to have a try!

1 - Soft/Medium

Sale! Moresleep Novaro Open Coil Mattress-0

Moresleep Novaro Open Coil Mattress

Ortho – Traditional hand-tufted mattress with luxury knitted stretch cover. Generous layers of surface upholstery provide medium-firm comfort. Heavy gauge Bonnell fully sprung mattress is side re-inforced to prevent edge breakdown and widen the total sleeping area. Two sided mattress
Prices From: £499.00 £249.00 £199.00

Natural Purity 1500 pocket mattress

The Highgrove Purity 1500 Mattress offers a natural sumptuous comfort that has a quilted cover for a flat sleeping surface. This mattress is upholstered with a lavish layer of wool, silk, cotton and luxurious cashmere. Made to support and feel like memory foam, but made with all natural fillings. The natural fillings are resilient, hypo allergenic, anti bacterial, anti dust mite; and help to keep your body temperature regulated throughout the night. Fully encapsulated with Highgrove's AdvantEdge, providing a wider sleeping surface with total comfort and support. Medium-firm feel.

3 - Medium/Firm

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