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Easy Sleep Mattress

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Custom Size Mattresses (adjusted)

We can provide custom sized mattresses – if you can’t find the size you need please contact us to discuss your requirements. We offer custom sized mattresses in the open coil, pocket sprung and memory foam range. Have you bought a bedframe that been specially built, built a bed yourself in a specific gap! Give us a call

Dreamy Foam Mattress

Our dreamy foam mattress reacts to the temperature of your body and softens where needed, promoting good body circulation. The mattress offers a supportive contoured feel. The perfect mattress for your spare room or children. No springs, no bounce! This mattress is not deep so great for guest beds, trundles, storage beds, bunk beds and high sleepers. Cover comes off and is washable, but do not put in a dryer, you will shrink it!.
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Tranquil 1,000 Pocket and Memory mattress

The Tranquil range offers superb value and comfort for your money. Featuring 1,000 individually wrapped pocket springs, topped with both memory foam and gel, to give you both excellent support and alleviation. Also features a breathable, removable cover to help your mattress look new and fresh.
Prices From: £1,249.00 £623.00 £549.00

‘The Baby Rock’ a firm mattress

Looking for a firm mattress with no springs - without paying over the odds? Well you've found it! 'The Baby Rock' Super firm mattress is exactly what it says it is- exceptionally firm! You'll get total, full body, orthopaedic support from head to toe. You'll wake feeling well rested and brighter each morning- and ready to take on your day! Made from a high density foam, and comes vacuum packed for easy transport.
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Diamond Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress

The Diamond Deluxe mattress features a non-sprung interior made up of a base layer of reflex foam, topped off with a 50mm layer of memory foam. It’s upholstered in a luxurious knitted stretch fabric cover that’s fitted with a zip around the underneath to allow it to be removed for cleaning. Temperature sensitive, its top comfort layer is specifically designed to react to body heat, moulding itself to your natural sleeping position. Memory foam also reduces pressure points by distributing weight evenly, thus resulting in better circulation and reduced tossing and turning. Its easy-care design means it does not need to be flipped over, but regular rotation from head to toe will enhance its lifespan and performance. This mattress comes vacuum packed, which is great if you have tight access. The cover design can change slightly but will always be a cream cover.
Prices From: £748.00 £374.00 £299.00
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Childrens Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress is made up of 5 inches of Reflex foam with a 1 inch layer of memory foam on the surface to give your child excellent support. The top layer is made from specially developed, extra soft, material for a feeling of instant relaxation. Working in perfect harmony with the lower support layers, once you settle into your most comfortable position your body weight is re-distributed, reducing pressure whilst you sleep. Support, comfort and durability are uncompromised while you experience less tossing and turning during the night, and wake up feeling refreshed. This items comes vacuum packed.
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Memory and Wool Foam Mattress

The Memory and Wool Foam Mattress offers maximum spinal support and comfort along with no-roll together so you can enjoy an undisturbed sleep. This mattress is made with pressure relieving memory foam that is able to mould into the shape of your body. It has anti-microbial protection for ultimate hygiene. Furthermore, the Memory Wool is also breathable and fast cooling so it will help to regulate your body temperature during sleep. Therefore, you are sure to have a good night's sleep!

This mattress comes vacuum packed, which is great if you have tight access in your house.

Prices From: £299.00 £149.00 £119.00
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Memory wool and Pocket Mattress

The Organic Memory Wool Pocket Sprung Mattress uses a pocket spring system for great support. With memory wool fillings, it provides a luxurious comfort with excellent pressure relief. Furthermore, the Memory Wool is also breathable and fast cooling so it will help to regulate your body temperature during sleep. Therefore, you are sure to have a good night's sleep! This mattress comes vacuum packed from the factory. It is a no turn mattress and it's finished in a micro quilted flat surface cover.
Prices From: £399.00 £199.00 £159.00
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Starter Latex and Foam Mattress

This mattress provides the ultimate level of support, and combines natural materials with the latest mattress technology to offer support in all the right places.

This latex mattress is perfect for you if you want the benefits of a natural latex sleeping surface, combined with a highly supportive Reflex base for a supremely comfortable sleep.

Latex foam is a resilient and durable material, made from the sap of rubber trees.Being naturally hypo allergenic and antimicrobial, latex makes the perfect sleeping surface for allergy sufferers, and is known for being one of the most eco-friendly, natural mattress options available on the market.

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Pocket and Memory Mattress

This mattress is fantastic value for money. It features individual pocket springs that work independently to react to your body movement and weight without disturbing other areas of the mattress. The memory foam layer adds an element of comfort to the mattress. This layer allows for pressure points between your body and the mattress surface to be alleviated and for blood circulation to improve. Overall, you’re provided with a deeper and better quality sleep as the chances of waking up during the night are severely reduced. This mattress comes vacuum packed.
Prices From: £425.00 £212.00 £169.00
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Starter Pocket and Memory Mattress

This mattress has a pocket spring unit which features individual pocket springs which work independently to react to your body's movement and weight, offering complete support. The layer of memory foam gives a sumptuous feel and is great for relieving pressure points and back pains. Filled with hypo allergenic and anti dust mite fillings makes this mattress great for allergy sufferers and this mattress complies with the legal height for childrens beds.
Prices From: £349.00 £174.00 £139.00
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Orthopaedic Memory Mattress

Designed to offer a firm support, the Orthopaedic Memory mattress features a traditional open coil spring interior and benefits from pressure relieving memory foam. The temperature sensitive memory foam softens with body heat contact and moulds itself to your body contours. This reduces pressure points and results in better blood circulation. At its core is a robust interior, made up of hour-glass shaped open coil springs, laid out in a series of rows that run from head to toe and connected into one single unit by spiral helical wires. For long-lasting support and comfort, we recommend that you rotate the mattress on a regular basis. As it's designed to be one-sided, there's no need for it to be flipped over. This item comes vacuum packed.
Prices From: £348.00 £174.00 £139.00

Highgrove’s Albany 1,500 Pocket and Memory Mattress

Highgrove’s advanced Equasleep combines Memory technology with unique fabric fibers to regulate surface temperature and promote a healthier night’s sleep.

One of the leading benefits of memory foam is its ability to prevent pressure points. Open-celled memory foam does not resist body weight, rather it compresses, conforming to the sleeper and distributing weight across the surface of the bed.

A memory foam mattress allows the sleeper’s body to assume a natural, neutral curvature and maintains lumbar support. The dense cellular structure of memory foam is naturally inhospitable to microbes and prevents the build-up of allergens like dust, dust mites and mold. Fully encapsulated with AdvantEdge technology to provide a wider sleep surface with total comfort and support.

10 year warranty mattress.

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