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HG Claremont Ortho 2000 Natural

Expertly handcrafted in the UK this mattress is perfect if you love high levels of firm, orthopaedic support. Featuring 2000 pocket springs, you’ll enjoy support that’s just right for you. Since each spring works independently, this mattress supports your body where you need it the most. There's no transfer of movement so you can sleep peacefully. Nestled on top of this supportive pocket sprung base are layers of natural wool, cashmere and fine cotton. Naturally breathable, these comfort fillings provide the perfect sleeping surface for a truly blissful night’s sleep. This mattress is exclusive to retail stores only and can be seen/tried in our showroom in Somerset.

4 - Firm

HG Clifton 1000 Natural

Handcrafted in the UK, the Clifton features blissfully comfortable layers of wool, cashmere, silk and cotton. A highly breathable natural fabric cover to keep you cool during the summer and warmer during cold winter nights. Nestled underneath is 1000 pocket springs. Individually encased,each spring works to provide support where you need it the most. Because each spring works independantly, there's no roll together. It's a mattress that feels as good as it looks! The plush fillings are traditionally tufted . Dual sided mattress for added longevity. This item is only available for retail stores and can be seen in our showroom in Somerset.

2 - Medium

Bliss 1,000 Pocket Divan set -0

Bliss 1,000 Pocket Divan set

The Bliss pocket sprung divan set is an excellent value bed, which offers great comfort and support. Boasting 1,000 pocket springs meaning no roll together and filled with a generous amount of hypo allergenic, anti dust mite and anti bacterial fillings. It has a medium feel and is a double-sided design, which means it can be periodically flipped for greater longevity. With over 20 colour options for your base, enabling you to have the bed made right for you! Come in store to try it on our showroom.

2 - Medium

Sale! Cashmere 1,000 Pocket Sprung Divan Set

Cashmere 1,000 Pocket Sprung Divan Set

1,000 pockets with lots of lovely soft, anti allergy and natural fillings. Single sided mattress and tufted to help keep everything in place! Handles to help turn the mattress. Medium/soft feel. If you are after a good value soft mattress that feels like it is wrapping itself around you look no further. Complete with a non storage divan base with a large choice of colours to choose from. **Please note, drawers and headboard are priced extra**
Prices From: £1,239.00 £619.00 £495.20
Sale! Kensington 1,000 pocket sprung divan set

Kensington 1,000 pocket sprung divan set

1,000 pockets with lots of lovely anti allergy fillings, one sided mattress but there is so many fillings on the underside you could flip this mattress. Medium to firm support. Tufted mattress to help keep all the fillings in place and handles to help turn the mattress. Very good value. Great choice of colours on the base and also option of non storage 2 or 4 drawers..
Prices From: £879.00 £437.00 £349.00

Showing all 5 results