Meet the Brands

We are proud to stock beds and mattresses from some of the UK’s leading bed brands. 

Award-winning mattress from Nectar

You can trust the Nectar Classic Mattress thanks to the numerous awards it has attained. Which? Best Buy endorsed the Nectar Classic Mattress in 2021, ensuring the sleeping solution goes above and beyond in terms of quality, performance and durability. What’s more, the Good Housekeeping Institute has awarded Nectar the ‘Getting Greener – Carbon Neutral mattress’, so you can rest easy knowing your mattress is better for the environment. Lastly, the Classic Mattress is also recommended by GQ UK and Real Homes.

Which Best Buy Which are not influenced by third parties and don’t accept freebies from product manufacturers or retailers. The company have no owners, shareholders or government departments to answer to, so are able to work entirely on behalf of you, the consumer – nobody else.

Millbrook Beds

It is very reassuring in these days of mass production, to find a company totally committed to the traditional ideals of quality and craftsmanship.

Millbrook beds is the perfect reflection of these traditions highlighted in the elegance and sumptuous qualities of their bed collections.

All of Millbrook Beds divans are also constructed using timber from FSC®-certified forests.

Highgrove is one of the UK’s fastest growing bed brands and they currently produce approx. 5000 beds a week from their new manufacturing plant in Liversedge, West Yorkshire – one of the biggest and most modern in Europe.

Highgrove is proud to be a member of the National Bed Federation and has recently been runner-up in the ‘UK Bed Manufacturer of The Year Awards’ – the industry Oscars.

The business was also listed in The London Stock Exchange’s 1000 Companies to inspire Britain.

Welcome to Sleep Revolution. the name summarises the mission; to revolutionise the sleep experience by producing beds that enhance and improve the quality of sleep.

For over 30 years Sleep Revolution have lived and breathed beds, and gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in our sector, both in manufacturing and retail.

With the drive, the knowledge and passion to excel at what they do, it is this passion that places them at the forefront of our industry.

Their range is small but meticulously planned, and they have paid attention to detail – believing in quality not quantity.

A family run business with ample industry knowledge; they take pride in combining professionalism and quality with a personal touch.

Julian Bowen has supplied the furniture trade with quality furniture at affordable prices for over 30 years.

While recent years have seen enormous growth in the quantity and breadth of products offered, they remain true to the simple principles that have driven the business from inception and always aim to offer the very best in quality, style, durability and value for money across a wide range of price points and different styles to complement any home and setting.

Healthopedic mattresses are made from Visco Elastic Memory Foam which is a special fillings that reacts to the weight and temperature of your body by moulding to your shape.

Because this shape is retained without creating extra pressure, it gives you a feeling of weightlessness and helps you rest.

Research has shown that, due to discomfort caused by pressure points, an average person changes sleeping position between 85 and 95 times a night. Because the Healthopaedic mattress distributes body weight evenly, it relieves pressure and reduces tossing and turning by up to 80%.

The Healthopaedic mattress is made from material that is breathable and non-irritating, which assists in moving moisture away from the body to promote comfortable sleep.

Kyoto is a company that started as a futon maker but has expanded its range of products and services.

The company values building long-term relationships with its customers and works closely with furniture retailers, independent stores, and interior designers in the UK.

Kyoto considers itself as an extension of its customers’ businesses, with a focus on customer satisfaction, and aims to align its goals with its customers’ success.

The company provides a range of services, including product design, development, manufacturing, and sales and operations, and is flexible in working with different business models, such as wholesale, drop shipping, or direct container deliveries.

Breasley is a UK-based sleep industry company with decades of experience in manufacturing high-quality, innovative mattresses, pillows, and toppers.

They operate under various established brands such as Salus Collection, UNO Collection, EcoBrease Collection, Amor Signature Collection, and Amor Pillow.

Breasley uses a range of innovative and premium products to produce hybrid and non-hybrid mattresses that regulate body temperature, relieve pressure, enhance sleep, and increase comfort.

They are committed to sustainability, with products that have a positive impact on the environment and a focus on long-term sustainability.

Breasley offers a bespoke design and production service to retailers, providing tailored products to budget and specification.

MiBed are one of the best known brands of motion beds.

Produced by Furmanac, who are the largest manufacturers of adjustable beds in the UK.

With a fantastic choice of mattresses and bed styles, this British made brand will have the right bed for you.

Duvalay is a brand that offers comfortable and innovative mattress toppers, mattresses, pillows, and bedding products.

The brand was founded by Liz and Alan Colleran, who were motivated to find a solution for the uncomfortable beds in their caravan. They started the company in 2003, working from their home and eventually growing it to a successful business with a factory in Dewsbury, Yorkshire.

The company’s success led to appearances on the hit show “Dragons’ Den,” which resulted in investment from Hilary Devey CBE.

Duvalay has since expanded its product line, partnering with prestigious brands and manufacturers, and even securing a licensing agreement to distribute its products in China and Korea.

The brand has won recognition from the National Bed Federation and has received positive reviews from multiple publications. Today, over a million people enjoy better sleep thanks to Duvalay products.

Sealy is the biggest bed brand in the world and has been steadily growing for over 100 years. You can trace their origins back to the late nineteenth century and the original cotton-filled mattress produced by Daniel Haynes in the town of Sealy, Texas.

In 2013 Sealy Inc merged with Tempur in the USA to create a company that operates in over 50 countries worldwide. Their beds and mattresses can be found on every continent; everywhere from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, and South Korea to here in the UK where they have operated for the last forty years.

Baker & Wells creates quality mattresses for healthy sleep, combining luxury and comfort. They use global technology advancements and have a long-standing reputation for sleep products.

Each mattress is hand-made with quality fillings and undergoes a rigorous quality control process. The company aims to offer the ultimate sleeping experience and focuses on craftsmanship, with a holistic approach to quality.

The result is products that offer comfort and longevity, satisfying customers with their design and construction.

A family-run furniture business that started in the late 1970s, has grown into a company that designs and creates quality products for the masses.

Starting as a small business buying and selling used furniture, they slowly grew and reinvested by importing and wholesaling hardwood and metal bedroom furniture.

In 2006, the company started Visco Therapy with the focus on designing quality products, which spun off another partner company, Bedmaster, that specializes in manufacturing traditional mattresses.

The company continues to innovate and bring new products to the market, with a history and commitment to providing the best to consumers and trade partners throughout the UK and beyond.