Boxing Day Sales have become a British tradition and one that’s extremely lucrative for businesses. With our Boxing Day Sale on the horizon, in amongst many other sales, there will shortly be decent bed bargains to be had. If you’re planning to shop on Boxing Day, then plan ahead – some sales aren’t for the faint-hearted!

Not only is our Boxing Day bed and mattress sale going to be our biggest ever, needless to say, but we will also do our utmost to keep it a civil and pleasurable event! Visit our Taunton store, where we’ll be more than willing to help.

So whether you’re going to be shopping with us, or going elsewhere, we’ve compiled a handy 5-point plan to get the most from the sales. Good luck out there!

1. Go early, and don’t be hung over!

If you’re serious about bagging that bargain then rise early and get to it! And don’t even consider going to the shops with a throbbing head and a hangover. Not only are sales noisy, but they can also be very demanding. Our staff will be able to give you a helping hand and answer any questions though.

2. Do your homework

Work out what you actually want before you go. If you’re visiting us then take a look at our five tips when buying a new bed! If you’re looking for other items, such as clothing always, always remember to stick to your plan and keep your eyes on the prize (keep checking that list you made, and don’t get sidetracked by bargains that seem too good to be true!). Stay focused.

3. Buying a bed – measure up beforehand!

This is one of our tips mentioned above – measure the available space at home before bagging that bargain mattress and bed with us on Boxing Day. Believe us, some people do get home and realise there isn’t enough room! We know that this advice runs counter to the ‘buy now, think later’ mantra of the sales. But please do trust us on this one!

4. Go it alone

Received wisdom suggests that there are ‘no friends in the sales’. So don’t go with friends! If you do, not only will you spend more time chatting and then possibly missing out on what you really want to buy, but a sneaky friend might just jump in before you and snatch that bargain away while you’re chatting away to them.

5. Choose to shop online

If the above sounds a bit too much hassle, why not take to the web to visit the Boxing Day Sales. Here at All About Beds, you’ll be able to secure some deals via our website, which you can visit from the comfort of your own home, with the Boxing Day film on, possibly a small sherry in your hand, maybe a mince pie by your side; the odd Quality Street, too. Just perfect.