Zero Gravity 3,000 Pocket Mattress

Our Zero Gravity 3000 pocket mattress is pure luxury and is one of the most popular due to its indulgent feel. This will certainly make you look forward to going to bed each night.

It really is like floating on air, with the cushiony soft fabric, and it has been developed to recreate an amazing sense of weightlessness, which allows the mattress to conform to the body shape; and evenly distribute the weight. The mattress is hand tufted which secures all the fillings and mattress in place with wool tufts, on top of the mattress.

The fillings cradles you without losing any of the support. Individually 3000 pocketed springs provide the support by seamlessly adjusting to you or your partner’s every move. The side panels on this mattress are held in place by using the traditional method of hand stitching, this provides strength and stability and prevents the sides collapsing under weight, allowing the whole width of the mattress to be used.

2 - Medium