Diamond Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress

The Diamond Deluxe mattress features a non-sprung interior made up of a base layer of reflex foam, topped off with a 50mm layer of memory foam. It’s upholstered in a luxurious knitted stretch fabric cover that’s fitted with a zip around the underneath to allow it to be removed for cleaning.

Temperature sensitive, its top comfort layer is specifically designed to react to body heat, moulding itself to your natural sleeping position. Memory foam also reduces pressure points by distributing weight evenly, thus resulting in better circulation and reduced tossing and turning.

Its easy-care design means it does not need to be flipped over, but regular rotation from head to toe will enhance its lifespan and performance. This mattress comes vacuum packed, which is great if you have tight access. The cover design can change slightly but will always be a cream cover.