Cantley Winged Ottoman Bedstead- Grey

For a bed that screams opulence and fusions of modern and classic style, if you wish to make a statement in your bedroom, the Cantley is the way forward. Not only does it have a great style to it, it also offers a vast amount of practical storage with its ottoman function. With the chunky base and headboard upholstered in a high-quality grey material, it’s finessed with button detailing and tall winged sides.

Opening from the foot end and supporting the mattress with two gas springs, a large amount of storage is revealed underneath. Great for homes that are limited by space, as this furnishing is utilising room which is usually taken up by a bed. However, you get the best of both with an ottoman: storage and a place to sleep! They are great for putting your bedroom essentials in, especially bedding, cushions, blankets, clothes, footwear or whatever you see fit.
  • 4’6- 2090L x 1480W x 1510H (mm)
  • 5’0- 2200L x 1630W x 1510H (mm)
  • 6’0- 2200L x 1930W x 1510H (mm)