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Verona Mattress

The Verona mattress is exceptional value for money, with generous layers of upholstery, combined with a bonnell spring system; To ensure a softer surface with proper underlying support. Dual sided mattress to extend the mattress life.
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Candy Open Coil Mattress

The Candy is an affordable starter mattress, it is a step up above the usual budget mattress at this price point. With a 13.5 gauge spring system and a rod edge for extra support. The mattress has a quilted sleeping surface. With a quality, hardwearing stitch bond cover.
Prices From: £199.00 £99.00 £79.00
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Coil and Latex Mattress

This mattress offers excellent value for money. It features a traditional coil spring system wrapped in reflex foam and then the mattress is topped with latex to create a cooler, more sumptuous sleep. The latex layer provides comfort and support for your shoulders, back and hips, and works in harmony with your body to ensure that you're sleeping in the correct anatomical position. Being naturally hypo allergenic and antimicrobial, latex makes the perfect sleeping surface for allergy sufferers, and is known for being one of the most eco-friendly, natural mattress options available on the market. This mattress comes vacuum packed.  
Prices From: £379.00 £187.00 £149.00
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Coil, Wool and Memory Mattress

The Organic Memory Wool Coiled Mattress uses an open coil spring system for great support. With memory wool fillings, it provides a luxurious comfort with excellent pressure relief. Furthermore, the Memory Wool is also breathable and fast cooling so it will help to regulate your body temperature during sleep. Therefore, you are sure to have a good night's sleep! This mattress comes vacuum packed from the factory. It is a no turn mattress and it's finished in a micro quilted flat surface cover. The mattress is approximately 22 cm deep and is finished with a soft knit breathable cover.

2 - Medium

Prices From: £399.00 £199.00 £159.00
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Economical Mattress

This mattress has a 13.5 gauge coil spring unit, which offers soft support to your back as you sleep. It is covered with a good quality damask cover for added comfort and is micro quilted to further enhance the soft feel. This is a 1 sided mattress.
Prices From: £229.00 £112.00 £89.00
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Garda Open Coil Mattress

The Garda is a great choice for children or a spare room mattress. Featuring generous upholstery layers combined with a Bonnell fully sprung mattress to ensure medium firm surface comfort and proper underlying support. The spring unit is side reinforced to prevent edge breakdown as well as widen the total sleeping area; and you can sleep both sides to extend mattress life and performance.
Prices From: £299.00 £149.00 £119.00
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Gel and Coil Mattress

This mattress features a traditional coil spring system and Gel Foam is placed on top to create a sumptuous feel maximising its efforts to provide you with a good cool nights sleep.

Gel has excellent heat reduction and breathable properties allowing the mattress to breathe and keep fresh, it is also hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and has anti-dust mite qualities. Providing a sleep environment that guarantees night after night of blissful sleep.

The top layer of Gel Memory Foam moulds to the contour of your body, offering a gentle support to alleviate pressure point discomfort, adding to the luxurious feel with the soft stretch micro quilted cover on both sides. This mattress comes vacuum packed which is great if you have tight access.

Prices From: £379.00 £187.00 £149.00

Genoa Mattress

Featuring a high quality knitted soft stretch fabric cover with thermo-cool. Micro-quilted mattress upholstery includes a firm comfort layer to provide additional support for the sleeper. Bonnell fully sprung mattress is side re-enforced to prevent edge breakdown and widen the total sleeping area. Suitable for a wide range of bed frames and divan bases. Dual sided mattress, meaning you can sleep on both sides.
Prices From: £449.00 £224.00 £179.00
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Moresleep Novaro Open Coil Mattress

Ortho – Traditional hand-tufted mattress with luxury knitted stretch cover. Generous layers of surface upholstery provide medium-firm comfort. Heavy gauge Bonnell fully sprung mattress is side re-inforced to prevent edge breakdown and widen the total sleeping area. Two sided mattress
Prices From: £499.00 £249.00 £199.00

Moresleep Rimini Orthopaedic Mattress

The Rimini is one of our best selling mattress for the price. Featuring a luxury high loft micro quilted stretch cover, with excellent moisture management as well as an Eco-friendly Tencel® cover made from natural raw materials and designed as ‘irritation free’ against sensitive skin. Upholstery layers include premium foam for added comfort and performance. Dual sided mattress for longevity.
Prices From: £579.00 £287.00 £229.00
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Orthopaedic Memory Mattress

Designed to offer a firm support, the Orthopaedic Memory mattress features a traditional open coil spring interior and benefits from pressure relieving memory foam. The temperature sensitive memory foam softens with body heat contact and moulds itself to your body contours. This reduces pressure points and results in better blood circulation.

At its core is a robust interior, made up of hour-glass shaped open coil springs, laid out in a series of rows that run from head to toe and connected into one single unit by spiral helical wires. For long-lasting support and comfort, we recommend that you rotate the mattress on a regular basis. As it's designed to be one-sided, there's no need for it to be flipped over. This item comes vacuum packed. 

Prices From: £299.00 £149.00 £119.00
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Orthopaedic Value Mattress

The Ortho Value mattress contains an open spring unit which provides you with excellent levels of support, as well as comfort. There are layers of hypo-allergenic fillings to give you a clean and healthy nights sleep; which also makes this mattress perfect if you suffer any allergies. The mattress is finished with a soft quilted damask cover and can be used on a wide range of beds!
Prices From: £249.00 £124.00 £99.00
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Reflex and Coil Mattress

With its blend of open coil springs, topped off with a layer of body-moulding reflex foam, this mattress is designed to offer a comfortable and firm support. Soft to touch, its upholstered in a knitted stretch fabric and boasts layers of fillings with excellent heat reduction and breathable properties that allow it to stay cool and fresh.

The fillings are hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and dust-mite resistant, providing an ideal sleeping environment for allergy sufferers. Hand tufting ensures the fillings are held in place. At its core is a traditional open coil interior, a robust system made up of rows hourglass shaped springs connected at the top and bottom by a spiral wire, known as a helical wire.

Although the mattress is designed to be one-sided, we recommend that you rotate it regularly to enhance its lifespan for long-lasting comfort and support. Vacuum packed, the Reflex and Coil Mattress is practical and affordable, that is an ideal solution for homes with limited access or awkward staircases.

Prices From: £299.00 £149.00 £119.00
Sealy Latex Support Mattress -0

Sealy Latex Support Mattress

The Sealy Latex Support contains a deep layer of Innergetic latex ensuring outstanding comfort and pressure relief, and correctly supports and aligns the spine in its natural shape, helping to reduce aches and pains.Hypoallergenic, anti bacterial and anti dust mite mattress, making it perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers. The mattresses Eco-friendly Tencel fibers help keep you cool and dry and Sealy Edge Guard provides edge to edge support for greater durability and comfort. Come in store and try it!

2 - Medium

Sealy Ortho Posturepaedic Mattress -0

Sealy Ortho Posturepaedic Mattress

Firm, orthopaedic and incredibly comfortable, the Millionaire Orthopaedic features Sealy's PostureTech Core Support spring system. The springs have been designed to be super-firm, with the additional benefit of making the mattress suitable for people of heavier stature.Covering the springs are thick, comfy layers of upholstery padding, and a gorgeous damask cover. It's expertly hand tufted to firmly secure all the fillings into place, for enhanced support and durability. Come in store to try it!

4 - Firm

Sealy Wool Support Mattress -0

Sealy Wool Support Mattress

The Sealy Wool posturpaedic mattress offers excellent support and comfort. Thanks to the wonderful Sealy Posturetech spring system, this Sealy mattress boasts excellent support and great durability. The combination of the springs and fillings is very good too, the springs and wool support the body perfectly, promotion healthy posture and therefore preventing aches and pains forming in the night. 5 year warranty, 1 sided mattress. Come in store to have a try!

3 - Medium/Firm

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