Mayfield Orthopaedic 2,000 Pocket Mattress

Expertly handcrafted in the UK from one of Britain’s leading bed manufacturers, Highgrove; this mattress is perfect if you love high levels of firm, orthopaedic support.

Featuring 2000 pocket springs, you’ll enjoy support that’s just right for you. Since each spring works independently, this mattress supports your body where you need it the most. There’s no transfer of movement, so you can sleep peacefully.

Nestled on top of this supportive pocket sprung base are layers of natural wool, cashmere and fine cotton. Naturally breathable, these comfort fillings provide the perfect sleeping surface for a truly blissful night’s sleep.

All wrapped up in a beautifully designed damask cover, this mattress is tufted to secure all those sumptuous fillings. It’s complete with air vents which help to improve air circulation and keep you feeling fresh.

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5 - Extra Firm