Reflex and Coil Mattress

With its blend of open coil springs, topped off with a layer of body-moulding reflex foam, this mattress is designed to offer a comfortable and firm support. Soft to touch, its upholstered in a knitted stretch fabric and boasts layers of fillings with excellent heat reduction and breathable properties that allow it to stay cool and fresh.

The fillings are hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and dust-mite resistant, providing an ideal sleeping environment for allergy sufferers. Hand tufting ensures the fillings are held in place. At its core is a traditional open coil interior, a robust system made up of rows hourglass shaped springs connected at the top and bottom by a spiral wire, known as a helical wire.

Although the mattress is designed to be one-sided, we recommend that you rotate it regularly to enhance its lifespan for long-lasting comfort and support. Vacuum packed, the Reflex and Coil Mattress is practical and affordable, that is an ideal solution for homes with limited access or awkward staircases.