Helmsley 5,000 Pocket Natural Mattress

A soft, luxurious mattress, the ‘Helmsley’ features our innovative blend of lambswool fibres for added resilience and breathability. Topped with silk and cashmere, it also boasts three rows of traditional hand side stitching for excellent edge-to-edge support. Each spring individually senses your weight and shape to provide total body support and correct spinal alignment. Natural cotton is Supremely comfortable, hypoallergenic and excellent at wicking moisture away; and the finest wool giving greater natural temperature control, as well as increased durability and comfort. The silk is ultra soft & comfortable; One of natures most luxurious materials as well as cashmere which is soft and extremely durable. The mattress also features a Summer and Winter side, enabling you to have the option to turn between two different feels.

1 - Soft/Medium


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