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  1. This mattress has a 13.5 gauge coil spring unit, which offers soft support to your back as you sleep. It is covered with a good quality damask cover for added comfort and is micro quilted to further enhance the soft feel. This is a 1 sided mattress.
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  2. Designed to offer a firm support, the Orthopaedic Memory mattress features a traditional open coil spring interior and benefits from pressure relieving memory foam. The temperature sensitive memory foam softens with body heat contact and moulds itself to your body contours. This reduces pressure points and results in better blood circulation.

    At its core is a robust interior, made up of hour-glass shaped open coil springs, laid out in a series of rows that run from head to toe and connected into one single unit by spiral helical wires. For long-lasting support and comfort, we recommend that you rotate the mattress on a regular basis. As it's designed to be one-sided, there's no need for it to be flipped over. This item comes vacuum packed.

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  3. The Organic Memory Wool Coiled Mattress uses an open coil spring system for great support. With memory wool fillings, it provides a luxurious comfort with excellent pressure relief. Furthermore, the Memory Wool is also breathable and fast cooling so it will help to regulate your body temperature during sleep. Therefore, you are sure to have a good night's sleep!

    This mattress comes vacuum packed from the factory. It is a no turn mattress and it's finished in a micro quilted flat surface cover.

    The mattress is approximately 22 cm deep and is finished with a soft knit breathable cover.

    2 - Medium

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  4. This mattress offers excellent value for money. It features a traditional coil spring system wrapped in reflex foam and then the mattress is topped with latex to create a cooler, more sumptuous sleep.

    The latex layer provides comfort and support for your shoulders, back and hips, and works in harmony with your body to ensure that you're sleeping in the correct anatomical position.

    Being naturally hypo allergenic and antimicrobial, latex makes the perfect sleeping surface for allergy sufferers, and is known for being one of the most eco-friendly, natural mattress options available on the market.

    This mattress comes vacuum packed. 


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  5. This mattress features a traditional coil spring system and Gel Foam is placed on top to create a sumptuous feel maximising its efforts to provide you with a good cool nights sleep.

    Gel has excellent heat reduction and breathable properties allowing the mattress to breathe and keep fresh, it is also hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and has anti-dust mite qualities. Providing a sleep environment that guarantees night after night of blissful sleep.

    The top layer of Gel Memory Foam moulds to the contour of your body, offering a gentle support to alleviate pressure point discomfort, adding to the luxurious feel with the soft stretch micro quilted cover on both sides. This mattress comes vacuum packed which is great if you have tight access.

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